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Trading App Robinhood Set to Raise at Least $200 Million: Report

A new funding round, worth at least $200 million, is set to be raised by trading app Robinhood, Bloomberg reports

Crypto Derivatives Platform Vows to Tackle Socialized Losses Seen on Other Exchanges

A crypto derivatives exchange says it offers competitive advantages over rivals thanks to its partnerships with established industry players. #SPONSORED

LocalBitcoins Imposes Restrictions on Iranian Accounts

Users living in Iran can no longer create or update trade ads on the crypto exchange

Binance: New Interface Screenshots Appear to Confirm Margin Trading Testing

New publicity proves Binance’s long-awaited margin trading rollout is a step closer

Kraken Paid 250 Salaries to Staff in Bitcoin Last Month, Exchange Tells Critic

Kraken paid 250 salaries to staff in bitcoin last month, the crypto exchange has claimed

Finance IT Infrastructure Firm Partners With Institutional Crypto Exchange Seed CX

A new partnership between Avelacom and Seed CX will let Avelacom’s customers access Seed’s real-time market data and order-routing products

Binance’s CZ Seeks Compensation From Sequoia for Alleged Reputational, Financial Damage

Changpeng Zhao is seeking damages from VC firm Sequoia Capital China for having ostensibly hurt his reputation and unjustly prevented him from raising capital

Japan to Check Money Laundering Policies of Crypto Exchanges Ahead of FATF Inspection

Japan’s FSA is reviewing crypto exchange anti-money laundering policies in preparation for an investigation visit from the FATF

Bitfinex and Tether Obtain Stay of Demands From New York Supreme Court

Bitfinex and its affiliated stablecoin issuer Tether have obtained a stay of demands for which they applied on May 21

Cryptopia Cracked: Are Centralized Exchanges the Way to Go?

Cryptopia’s liquidation serves to warn crypto traders of potential risks surrounding centralized exchanges


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