IBM Announces New Multicloud Update to Blockchain

IBM announces its multicloud-updated Blockchain Platform, supporting deployment across diverse networks

Litecoin Foundation to Release Physical Cryptocurrency Debit Card

The Litecoin Foundation, Bibox Exchange and Ternio will jointly roll out a physical cryptocurrency debit card

Binance Research: Facebook’s Libra Could Spark Additional Cryptocurrency Volume

Facebook’s Libra could spark additional cryptocurrency volume, according to the research arm of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Binance Research

Crypto App, Debit Card 2Gether Adds Dash to Roster of 9 Tokens

2gether, a European payment app allowing users to spend crypto via a Visa debit card, is adding dash to its list of nine supported coins.

Facebook Releases Cryptocurrency White Paper for Libra Currency

Social media giant Facebook has released the technical specs for its long-awaited cryptocurrency, dubbed Libra

Ripple to Invest Up to $50M in MoneyGram Following New Partnership

Blockchain-based payments firm Ripple has entered a strategic partnership with MoneyGram, one of the largest payments firms in the world

Internet Authority: History of Centralized Companies Being Hostile Toward Crypto

Centralized companies can still adversely impact crypto — the community reacts: “There is a solution to protect ourselves against potential abuse”

Breez Reveals Lightning-Powered Bitcoin Payments App for iPhone

Now in beta for the iPhone, Breez's app harnesses lighting, Neutrino and atomic swaps to make bitcoin P2P payments feasible for daily transactions.

Piixpay Lets You Pay Bills and Invoices With Cryptocurrency

Piixpay Lets You Pay Bills and Invoices With CryptocurrencyIf you need to regularly cover fiat payments but prefer to use your digital assets, a platform like Piixpay can be very helpful. The payment provider allows you to use cryptocurrencies to pay invoices, bills and make other recurring payments to recipients that still accept only traditional money. Also read: Bounty.Cash Pairs Projects With Developers […]

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Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Expounds on Planned Crypto Team

Founder of Twitter and Square Jack Dorsey explains goals for new crypto team in two interviews


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