Central Bank Digital Currencies Take Center Stage at IMF Spring Meetings

CBDCs Take on Major Importance at IMF Spring MeetingsCentral bank digital currencies (CBDCs) featured prominently when global financial leaders met for this year’s World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (IMF) joint Spring Meetings in the United States. Faced with emerging disruptive technologies like Bitcoin, their discussions also focused on how money and payments are taking on new forms throughout the world. There […]

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How Crypto Payments Help to Avoid Commissions and Save Money, Explained

As cryptocurrencies become more and more mainstream, using them instead of fiat or banking transfers is sometimes more profitable

Largest Travel Management Firm in UK Accepts Bitcoin

Leading British travel management firm Corporate Traveller has partnered with BitPay, allowing it to accept bitcoins as payment

India’s National Payments Corporation Wants to Build a Blockchain Solution

The bank consortium-owned organization supported by the central bank is seeking bids for the creation of a blockchain solution for digital payments.

Young Africa Looks to Crypto for Payment

The youth in Lagos are turning to Bitcoin solutions as recently graduated freelancers and mid-level employees embrace cryptocurrency payments

Japan: Resona Bank Ends Partnership With Ripple-Based Payment App MoneyTap

Japan’s Resona Bank officially announced it will withdraw from Ripple-based blockchain payment project MoneyTap on May 13

Japanese Bank Abandons Work With SBI Ripple’s ‘Money Tap’ App

Resona, one of three Japanese banks working with SBI Holdings and Ripple on their blockchain app Money Tap, is pulling out of the project.

US Startup Raises $14.1 Mln for Blockchain-Based Payments Network for Retailers

American startup Flexa raised $14.1 million to develop a blockchain-based payments network for retailers

Circle CEO: Crypto Industry Is About Fundamental Redesign of Functioning of Civic Society

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire has claimed that the crypto and blockchain industry is not just about digital payments, but a fundamental new basis for building solutions

‘Crypto Stripe’ Flexa Raises $14 Million So You Can Buy Coffee With Bitcoin

Payments startup Flexa is using funds from a private token sale to make shopping with bitcoin at brick-and-mortar stores a reality.


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