Liquid CEO Explains the Gram Token Sale Is ‘Natural,’ Disputes Conspiratory Theories

“Who has 200 million active users already?” Mike Kayamori of Liquid talks about the potential of the TON network as a DApps platform

Cashless-Bound: Japan's Transport and E-Commerce Partnership on the Fast Track

Japan’s transport and e-commerce heavyweights drive cashless payments

Yahoo Japan-Backed Exchange Launches Crypto-Yen Markets and Margin Trading

Yahoo Japan-Backed Exchange Launches Crypto-to-Yen Markets and Margin TradingBack in April 2018, it was revealed that Yahoo Japan was planning to launch a cryptocurrency exchange licensed by Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA). Now, a year later, Yahoo Japan’s trading platform Taotao is open offering BTC and ETH trading while also providing users with margin trading available in litecoin (LTC), ripple (XRP) and bitcoin […]

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Cypherpunk Adam Back Speaks of Blockchain Benefits at G20 Meeting of Finance Ministers

Cypherpunk Adam Back, often regarded as the father of virtual currencies, took part in an event at the G20 meeting of finance ministers

G20 Reaffirms It Will Apply Expected Tough New FATF Rules on Crypto

The G20 has reaffirmed it will apply standards to counter money laundering and terrorism funding, soon to be finalized by the Financial Action Task Force.

G20 Finance Leaders Ask Global Regulators to Consider Multilateral Response to Crypto

The financial leaders of G20 countries urged the Financial Stability Board and other international bodies to monitor risks around crypto

G20 Starts Crypto Discussions – A Look at Global Standards

G20 Starts Crypto Discussions - A Look at Global StandardsFinance ministers and central bank governors from the G20 countries have gathered this weekend for a two-day meeting ahead of the G20 summit, and cryptocurrency is among the topics of discussion. Global standard-setting bodies have submitted their policies and provided tools to help the member countries with the regulation of crypto assets in their own […]

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What to Expect at G-20: Money Laundering and Crypto Discussion

Cryptocurrency, privacy and money laundering: What to expect at the G-20 in Japan this weekend?

Mt. Gox’s Karpeles: Press Rumors About My Blockchain Plans Are False

Mark Karpeles, the CEO of defunct crypto exchange Mt. Gox, has told Cointelegraph that media reports have misrepresented his return to blockchain

Japan’s LINE Pay and Visa Partner on New Blockchain, Digital Payments Solutions

LINE Pay Corp., the operator of fintech services on major Japanese messaging app LINE, is partnering with Visa on new blockchain and digital payments solutions


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