Stonewalled by FINRA, Up to 40 Crypto Securities Wait in Limbo for Launch

Wall Street watchdog FINRA has sat for as long as 12 months on roughly 40 broker-dealer applications by blockchain startups.

Kik vs SEC – The Lawyers Speak

The SEC's complaint against Kik, after it raised $100 million in an ICO, seemed pretty brutal, but not so fast, we're only hearing one side of the story. Watch more here as three lawyers discuss the case, its merits and its potential impacts for the crypto industry as a whole.

DOrg LLC Purports to be First Legally Valid DAO Under US Law

DAO collective dOrg created a blockchain-based LLC that purportedly endows its native DAO with legal validity in the United States

Traditional Exchanges Pull Back From Reg A+ IPOs Due to Fraud Concerns

Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange are reportedly shying away from IPOs conducted by companies using Reg A+ due to fraud concerns

Hodler’s Digest, June 3–9: Top Stories, Price Movements, Quotes and FUD of the Week

This week in the Hodler’s Digest, the SEC sues Kik, and the former Mt. Gox CEO does not actually get back into blockchain

SEC Chairman: Other Market Protections Needed Before Bitcoin ETF Approval

Custody and market manipulation need to be dealt with before a cryptocurrency ETF can be approved, said SEC Chairman Jay Clayton

US SEC Adds Fraud to List of Charges Against ‘Crypto’ Firm Longfin

The SEC has filed charges of fraud against purported blockchain-related firm Longfin Corp

Firm That Saw Stock Boost After Crypto ‘Pivot’ Hit With New SEC Charges

The SEC filed fresh fraud charges against Longfin Corp. on Wednesday, alleging the company falsified its accounting. Longfin's stock price jumped after it announced a crypto pivot in 2017.

The SEC Case Against Kik’s ICO Appears Strong, Experts Say

The SEC seems to have a strong case on the facts in its complaint against Kik and its 2017 token sale, according to legal experts.

The 8 Biggest Bombshells From the SEC’s Kik ICO Lawsuit

In a complaint filed Tuesday, the SEC laid out where Kik allegedly ran afoul of U.S. securities law with its $98 million ICO in 2017. It also revealed a lot more.


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