Samourai Wallet: Wasabi’s CoinJoin Management Lacks Privacy

Samourai Wallet raised concerns over the alleged lack of privacy ensured by the CoinJoin implementation of competing wallet Wasabi

Virgin Bitcoin — Most In-Demand Crypto That Is Regulated Differently?

Regulated financial institutions prefer virgin Bitcoin over normal BTC because of their “clean” transaction history

‘Samsung Coin’ Trademark Filing Unaffiliated With Samsung

Samsung says that it was not involved in mysterious individual Kim Nam-jin’s filing for the trademark ‘Samsung Coin’

Crypto Wallet’s Browser Offers Thousands of DApps in One Place

Downloading DApps can be time-consuming and memory-intensive, but a mobile crypto wallet has unveiled a novel feature to get around this problem #SPONSORED

Israeli Citizen Accused of Stealing Over $1.7 Million in Crypto

A Tel Aviv resident stands accused by Israeli State Attorney’s Office of stealing cryptocurrencies through a number of malware websites

Cryptocurrency Grin Follows Through With Anticipated July 17 Mainnet Hardfork

Grin has completed its first hardfork as scheduled, with the stated aim of continuing to prevent ASIC mining as well as sporting some Grin wallet upgrades

PR: Bitcoin.com Wallet Joins Blockchain Consortium FIO

PR: Bitcoin.com Wallet Joins Blockchain Consortium FIOBitcoin.com wallet, the official wallet of Bitcoin.com, has joined the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) in a move that will assist the wave of new users who are expected to join cryptocurrency markets as a result of June’s recent coin and token price increase.

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Ethereum-Based Augur Enhancement App Veil Closes Up Shop

Veil, a project that purportedly attempted to make Ethereum-based predictions platform Augur mainstream, has discontinued its service

Bank of England Governor on Libra as a Solution to Financial Problems

Mark Carney says Libra is aiming to fix issues that need to be addressed, even if Libra proves not to be the solution

Mob Burns Down Purported Crypto Ponzi Schemer’s House in South Africa

A mob has burned down the house of a manager at alleged Ponzi Scheme Bitcoin Wallets


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