Venezuelan Petro Against US Sanctions: History and Use of the Crypto

Venezuelan P2P trade continues to flourish despite government efforts to drive adoption of the country’s controversial oil-backed cryptocurrency

Global Crypto War Is Heating up – Iran Next in Line With Its Own Gold-Backed Coin

Control of the U.S. dollar and the global financial system that depends on it gives the American government an incredibly powerful tool in shaping international affairs. As such, it is not surprising that its geopolitical rivals around the world will try to exploit the invention of cryptocurrency to take the USD down a peg. The […]

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Venezuelan Investors File Lawsuit With US Court in Connection With $30M Crypto Fraud

Seven Venezuelans claim to have been lured into a $30 million Ponzi scheme with a cryptocurrency pegged to diamonds

FDD Assesses Risks of Crypto Use by Countries Under US Sanctions

The FDD has analyzed how countries such as Russia, China, Venezuela, and Iran are deploying digital currency technology

Argentina Drives Global LocalBitcoins Volume to Highest Since November

LocalBitcoins, a Finnish peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange, has seen its trading volume hit a high not seen since November 2018

Venezuela’s Maduro Orders Top Bank to Make Petro Available to Public

President Maduro has ordered the Bank of Venezuela to open public counters for his controversial cryptocurrency, the petro.

President Maduro Orders The Bank of Venezuela to Accept Petro Crypto

Because of an order emitted by Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, the country’s leading bank Banco de Venezuela will accept the Petro

This Artist Explores the Art and Politics of Crypto Culture

The crypto artist has worked with Dorian Nakamoto and recently expanded his reach into South America.

New Study: US Dominates Crypto Twitter While Venezuela ‘Most Negative’

Accounting for almost 40% of bitcoin tweets worldwide, the United States looms large over crypto twitter, a new analysis shows

Cuba Eyes Cryptocurrency as Solution to Sanctions, Financial Woes

Cuba has announced it is considering the use of cryptocurrency in order to bolster its finances amid U.S.-led sanctions.


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