S.L. Benfica becomes First Major European Football Club to Accept Cryptocurrency via Partnership with UTRUST

Swiss-based startup cryptocurrency payment solution, UTRUST, have partnered with Portugal’s most successful football club, S.L Benfica. The partnership marks a new era for the Lisbon based football champion, as the club becomes the first in all of Europe to adopt a cryptocurrency payment option for their products and services. The Primeira Liga Football champions S.L Benfica together with UTRUST will provide cryptocurrency services where club supporters can easily use their cryptocurrency as a form of payment in purchasing match tickets, clothes and many more from the official Benfica online store. The cryptocurrency payments options include UTRUST’s intrinsic token UTK, alongside

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S.L. Benfica & UTRUST Partner to Become First Major European Football Club to Accept Cryptocurrency

June 2019, Lisbon, Portugal – Leading Cryptocurrency payment solution UTRUSThave announced a partnership with S.L Benfica. The deal will see the Portuguese football champions become the first major European football club to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. Benfica supporters now have the option to use cryptocurrency to purchase match tickets and the full range of merchandise through the Benfica online store. Visit the official Benfica online store today, where all partners get 10% off, with the discount code ‘UTRUST’.   With more than 14 million supporters worldwide, and a digital fan base that exceeds 7 million followers across social media platforms, S.L. Benfica is one of the

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The Daily: Trust Wallet Adds BCH, 35,000 Merchants Get Access to Crypto Payments

The Daily: Trust Wallet Adds BCH, 35,000 Merchants Get Access to Crypto PaymentsIn today’s edition of The Daily we cover an ethereum wallet that’s added support for bitcoin cash, a deal that grants access to accepting payments in cryptocurrency to over 35,000 merchants, and the latest advancement in cross-chain atomic swaps. Also Read: Banking Agency Advises European Commission to Assess Common Crypto Approach Trust Wallet Adds Bitcoin […]

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UTRUST Announces New Partnership With Aidcoin

Blockchain payment platform UTRUST has announced a new collaboration with Aidcoin. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Integration Details Aidcoin is an ERC20 compatible token aimed at reimaging charitable giving. The work between the two projects will allow users to securely donate to charities using 23 different cryptocurrencies, thanks to AIDChain through UTRUST’s interface. Nuno […]


UTRUST Announces Partnership With Cryptocurrency DigiByte

Cryptocurrency payments gateway UTRUST is proud to announce their new collaboration with DigiByte. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Partnership Details DigiByte was selected due to their security, low transaction fees, and a dedicated team of developers. DigiByte is a cryptocurrency that has been developed over the last four years and has also helped other […]


UTRUST Join Forces With Pundi X in Singapore

Technological innovative has continued to shape the modern world. Most notably in recent years, blockchain technology is continually being utilised to great effect and disrupting numerous industries. In the grand scheme of things, blockchain technology is in early stages of adoption and the potential is almost limitless. However, there have been a number of drawbacks […]


UTRUST Partners with E-commerce Software Giant Gambio GmbH

Partnership to introduce more merchants to cryptocurrency UTRUST has recently announced a strategic partnership with Gambio Gmbh. This partnership will enable UTRUST to serve over 25,000 merchants with crypto payments in Europe’s biggest economy, which is not only a big step for both companies, but for the industry as a whole.  Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Overview of GmbH Gambio GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of e-commerce software to German-speaking countries since 2004. Their offerings are targeted at startups as well as more established merchants with complex requirements. A variety of integrated interfaces, all major payments systems,



utrust icoCompetition in the cryptocurrency space can only be considered a good thing. Right now, there is no one currency which checks all of the right boxes for everyone. UTRUST thinks it can change that by providing a cryptocurrency payment platform with buyer protection and convenient crypto-to-cash settlements. The UTRUST Vision It is evident that cryptocurrency can make a positive impact in the world of global payments. As of right now, traditional payments pose a lot of different risks which affect both retailers and buyers alike. With cryptocurrency, it is possible to avoid fraud, chargebacks, and protect users up to a certain degree.

Is UTRUST The Most Compliant ICO Yet?

utrust icoThe ICO boom spells a promising future for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It’s creating opportunities with  speed and efficiency unrivaled by conventional financing and venture capital vehicles. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Naturally, this phenomenon has also meant that regulators are turning their attention to cryptocurrency, understandably concerned about their legitimacy. Among the first businesses affected were cryptocurrency exchanges, with those based in China forced to shut down from August. Others based in Europe and North America have begun tightening controls on new coin listings, notably through Anti Money Laundering / Know Your Client (AML/KYC) measures aimed to bring

Digital Payments Solution UTRUST Achieves Soft Cap on Initial Day of Public ICO, Surpassing $10 Million

utrust icoUTRUST’s vision of a decentralized payment system for the unbanked is off to a blistering start, raising all of its $10 million soft cap on the first day of its public ICO. The ICO experienced an equally high demand, selling out its earlier pre-ICO in just an hour and a half, and is well on its way to reach its hard cap milestone of $49 million in fundraising. Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Article One of the few ICOs with a US-friendly crowdsale structure, UTRUST has welcomed US citizens with investor accreditation, who are permitted participate in token purchases on


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