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Largest Travel Management Firm in UK Accepts Bitcoin

Leading British travel management firm Corporate Traveller has partnered with BitPay, allowing it to accept bitcoins as payment

London-Based Blockchain Startup Raises $3.9M with Equity Tokens on LSE’s Turquoise

London-based blockchain startup 2030.io has raised $3.9 million by selling equity tokens on a platform owned by the London Stock Exchange

94% of Surveyed Endowment Funds are Allocating to Crypto Investments: Study

94% of endowments have been allocating to crypto-related investments throughout 2018, a new survey reveals

How the EU and 5 European Nations Regulate Cryptocurrency

How the EU and 5 European Nations Regulate CryptocurrencyLeading up to the G20 summit in June, the Financial Stability Board has detailed how the European Union and its member countries are regulating crypto assets, who the regulators are in each country and the scope of their oversight. In most cases, crypto assets are overseen by several regulators. Also read: Indian Supreme Court Postpones […]

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Coinbase Crypto Exchange Debuts Visa Card for UK Customers

Coinbase has released Coinbase Card — a Visa card that enables U.K.-based clients to make purchases with cryptocurrencies

British Royal, US Ambassador Say Tech, Blockchain Can Help Fight Human Trafficking

Dignitaries and experts noted the potential of new tech like blockchain in fighting human trafficking at a conference in Vienna

Is It Time for a Blockchain Brexit?

The U.K. is on the brink of a previously unthinkable 'hard Brexit' from the European Union. A solution could be found in the capabilities of blockchain.

Barclays, RBS Join 40-Strong R3 Blockchain Real Estate Trial

The Royal Bank of Scotland tells of renewed blockchain enthusiasm following real estate use case trial

Study: 14% of Major Crypto Exchanges Are Licensed by Regulators

Only 14 percent of major global crypto exchanges were confirmed as being licensed by regulators, a new Coinfirm study says

London Metals Exchange Endorses International Blockchain Initiative: FT

The London Metals Exchange has opted not to confirm its backing of a blockchain supply chain initiative for the metals industry, FT reports


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