Latin America’s Biggest Investment Bank to Sell $1 Billion in STOs Using Tezos

Latin America’s largest investment bank, BTG Pactual, plans to co-sell over $1 billion worth of STOs based on the Tezos blockchain

Brazilian Bank Plans to Use Tezos Blockchain for STOs Worth $1 Billion

BTG Pactual, Brazil's fifth largest bank, plans to utilize the Tezos blockchain for security token offerings potentially worth $1 billion.

Tezos Commons Exec Raises Concerns Over Suspicious Activity by Hard Fork Developers

A Tezos Commons executive has highlighted a potential risk factor in a third party hard fork operation months before it begins

Tezos Foundation Snags Former PwC Blockchain Expert As CFO

Roman Schnider, co-creator of PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland's blockchain initiative, will supercede Eelco Fiole as Chief Financial Officer at Tezos.

Exec Who Launched PwC Switzerland’s Blockchain Division to Become CFO at Tezos

The man who launched a blockchain and cryptocurrency assurance division for PwC in Switzerland is joining Tezos as chief financial officer

Bitcoin Price Dips Back Under $8K as Top Cryptos See Moderate Losses

Bitcoin falls under the $7,900 mark as most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting moderate losses on the day

The Land of the Free: Why Decentralization Matters in the Crypto Republic

Are you sure the crypto world is free? Some lessons on governance, participation and decentralization from Tezos, Iota and others may prove the opposite

In First, Tezos Blockchain Activates Upgrade By Token Holder Voting

Tezos has activated its first ever on-chain upgrade initiated entirely by Tezos bakers during a three months period of both voting and code testing.

Report: Tezos Is About to Undergo Its First Token Holder Administered Update

The first hard fork of public smart contract-enabled blockchain tezos is about to happen today on block 458,752

Tezos Is About to Enact Its First-Ever On-Chain Blockchain Update

For the past three months, users of the Tezos blockchain have been voting on a set of two upgrade proposals. Now, the Tezos blockchain is set to activate its first official system-wide upgrade having completed three separate rounds of voting.


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