Tel Aviv Court Gives Moshe Hogeg 30 Days to Settle $4M Lawsuit

Moshe Hogeg, the co-founder and chairman of venture capital investment fund Singulariteam, and the alleged head of Stox Technologies, has been given 30 days to settle with a Chinese investor. The disgruntled investor has brought a 17 million Israeli new shekels (approximately $4.23 million) lawsuit against Hogeg for allegedly misappropriating several million dollars worth of […]

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Lawyers for Israeli Crypto Entrepreneur Say White Paper Confers No Legal Responsibility

The lawyers of Moshe Hogeg, a major Israeli entrepreneur who is currently facing a lawsuit, claim that Stox’s white paper is a descriptive, non-binding document

The Daily: Bakkt Shares BTC Futures Details, Kucoin Adds Grin Trading Pairs

The Daily: Kucoin Adds Pairs With Grin, Bakkt Shares Details About BTC FuturesIn the first weekend edition of The Daily, crypto exchange Kucoin lists Mimblewimble coin Grin, giving it several trading pairs, and Bakkt releases product details about its upcoming futures contracts. Also, a Chinese investor sues a famous Israeli crypto entrepreneur for alleged fraud, while Malta issues a warning about a get-rich-quick “Bitcoin Revolution” scam. Also […]

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Blockchain Startup Stox and Founder Sued for $4.6 Million Over Alleged Fraud

A Chinese investor has sued a prominent Israeli crypto entrepreneur and his blockchain-based prediction market Stox over alleged fraud

Blockchain Predictions Market Stox and Founder Sued for $4.6 Million

Israeli blockchain prediction market Stox and its founder Moshe Hogeg are reportedly being sued for $4.6 million over alleged fraud.

Floyd Mayweather-Backed ICO Co-Founders Arrested for Fraud

Floyd Mayweather-Backed ICO Co-Founders Arrested for FraudIn what is turning into a real cautionary tale for the cryptocurrency community about the need to be wary of celebrity’s power, along with skepticism about most initial coin offerings (ICOs), the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced an ICO endorsed by champion boxer Floyd Mayweather has officially been deemed a fraud. Also read: Trezor […]

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What Is Stox Cryptocurrency?

TheMerkle Stox CryptocurrencyPrediction markets are making their mark on the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries as we speak. Stox, one of the ICOs promoted by Floyd Mayweather, aims to do so as well. Its goal is to build the blockchain prediction market of the future using Ethereum technology. The Concept of Stox Although the name would suggest Stox has something to do with stock markets, that is not the case. Instead, the platform will serve as a global open-source prediction market where users can make their own predictions. Doing so will earn them a portion of a stake in a specific event. Moreover, Stox maintains a single token economy,

Stox Acquires CommoLogic and Its Gambling Licenses to Become Fully Regulated

TheMerkle Stox LicenseA lot of people will recall the Stox ICO. Although not everyone invested in this initial coin offering, it got a lot of attention due to the endorsement of legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather. It turns out there is a lot more to this platform than a lot of people originally assumed. More specifically, the company has made an acquisition in a bid to become the first regulated ICO prediction project. It’s an ambitious goal, to say the least. Regulation and ICOs Remain an Odd Mix Even though a lot of countries and governments are looking for ways to regulate cryptocurrency ICOs,

ICO’s Still Have Options Despite Increasing Regulation

There are a number of options available for companies wishing to comply with regulatory environments but still wanting to continue in their business model. We highlight three.

Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather Promotes Yet Another ICO

Mayweather promotes third ICO he’s supporting for this year


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