South Korea: Crypto Crimes Cost $2.28B Since July 2017

South Korean authorities estimate that crypto-related crimes have caused $2.28 billion of financial damages between July 2017 and June 2019

A Suspect Crypto Site Stole My Identity – and I’m Furious

A site called "US Veteran Token" looks to be using goodwill toward military vets to scam investors. And one of our bios was stolen to promote it.

Mob Burns Down Purported Crypto Ponzi Schemer’s House in South Africa

A mob has burned down the house of a manager at alleged Ponzi Scheme Bitcoin Wallets

Protestors Set Alleged Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Perpetrator’s Home on Fire

Before shutting down, Bitcoin Wallets' "manager" promised 100-percent returns on investors' money in just two weeks. Then they burned down his house.

Tron Says Protestors at Beijing Office Invested in Imposter Scheme

The price of Tron tanked Monday on inaccurate rumors of a "police raid" at the company's office in Beijing. The real story was more interesting.

Indian Authorities Arrest 4 Individuals Accused of Crypto Ponzi Scheme

Indian authorities have arrested four people associated with KBC, a crypto allegedly at the center of a scam investment scheme

Scammer Taunts Couple Who Lost Thousands in Bitcoin Fraud

An Australian couple lost over AU$20,000 in a bitcoin scam, and were even taunted by the perpetrator over their losses.

‘Moderation Bot’ Blacklists Telegram Users to Tackle Crypto Scams

Blockchain advisory firm AmaZix is launching a "moderation bot" to help stamp out cryptocurrency scams on popular messaging app Telegram.

Irish Crypto Exchange Bitsane May Have Disappeared With Users’ Funds

Irish cryptocurrency exchange Bitsane may have done a runner with users' funds, according to a report.

Six Arrested Over Cloned Crypto Exchange That Stole €24 Million

Europol and police agencies have busted a cloned exchange operation that stole over $27 million in bitcoin from thousands of victims.


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