Money Laundering

Alleged Silk Road Drug Dealer Arrested in the United States

Authorities have arrested alleged Silk Road drug trafficker Hugh Brian Haney per an announcement from a New York district attorney

Virgin Bitcoin — Most In-Demand Crypto That Is Regulated Differently?

Regulated financial institutions prefer virgin Bitcoin over normal BTC because of their “clean” transaction history

Israeli Citizen Accused of Stealing Over $1.7 Million in Crypto

A Tel Aviv resident stands accused by Israeli State Attorney’s Office of stealing cryptocurrencies through a number of malware websites

Roubini: BitMEX in Violation of Securities Laws, Crypto a Metastasized Cancer

Nouriel Roubini accuses BitMEX of skirting regulations and enabling illicit activities following a debate with BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes

US Treasury Secretary Says Cash Is Not Laundered As Much As Bitcoin Is

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin rejected the idea that cash is laundered all the time, implying that Bitcoin is

Money Laundering Fines Help Bankers Avoid Prosecution

Money Laundering Fines Worth Billions Help Bankers Avoid Prosecution and Unpleasant LabelsThe recent seizure of a cargo ship owned by JP Morgan, a vessel loaded with 20 tons of cocaine according to latest accounts, highlighted the risks of banks’ involvement in illicit activities, inadvertent or otherwise. And although U.S. authorities released the MSC Gayane after the owner, JP Morgan’s asset management arm, and the operator, Mediterranean […]

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Japan Has FATF Green Light to Create ‘SWIFT Network’ for Crypto: Report

Japan is said to be leading the creation of an international cryptocurrency payments network similar to banking network SWIFT.

G7 Approves Japan’s Cryptocurrency-Based SWIFT Alternative

The Japanese government is attempting to spearhead the creation of a new, global cryptocurrency payments network that would be similar to SWIFT

UK Announces ‘Dirty Money’ Crackdown, Including Tougher Crypto Regime

The U.K. government has drawn up an action plan aimed to combat financial crimes that it says will include a new regime for crypto assets.

Spanish Police: Bitcoin ATMs a Blind Spot for Money Laundering Laws

Bitcoin ATMs show a gap in European Union’s Anti-Money Laundering regulation, according to Spanish law enforcement


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