QuadrigaCX Co-Founder Michael Patryn Is Actually Convicted Criminal Omar Dhanani: Report

Co-founder of troubled QuadrigaCX exchange Michael Patryn changed his name twice in five years, with one of alleged formers identities associated with multiple crimes

Québécois Regulator Calls for Investors in Non-Compliant Blockchain Firm to Come Forward

Québec’s financial regulator has asked investors in Blockchain Lab to come forward, now that the entity faces injunctive orders over alleged violations of securities laws

Bitcoin Pioneer Jeff Garzik Subpoenaed in $4 Bln Lawsuit Against Craig Wright

Bitcoin core contributor Jeff Garzik has been subpoenaed to appear in court in connection with a $4 billion lawsuit against Craig Wright

Blockchain and Crypto Business Reps Protest Nevada Bill

Crypto and blockchain industry reps voiced their concern over a new piece of legislation in the Nevada State Senate

SEC Chairman Highlights Investor Protection in Regard to Bitcoin ETF

U.S. SEC Chairman Jay Clayton shared his concerns over the potential for manipulation vis-a-vis a Bitcoin ETF

Russia Adopts Digital Rights Law That ‘Forms the Basis’ of Digital Economy Development

This autumn will see Russia adopt digital rights law after the country’s parliament passed the legislation this week

Client Demand for Crypto Payments Needs Cautious Response From Lawyers, Expert Says

Lawyer explains that, despite the trend, accepting crypto payments for legal services needs close attention

Russia: Central Bank Suggests Limiting Sale of Crypto Assets for ‘Unqualified Investors’

The Central Bank of Russia wants to set a yearly limit of $9,100 for “unqualified investors” dealing with crypto assets

German Gov’t Hearing Takes Regulators to Task for Lack of Legal Framework on Blockchain

German regulators and lawmakers have been accused of failing to create a workable legal framework for blockchain adoption in a recent finance hearing

US State of Colorado Passes Crypto Exemptions Bill Into Law

The governor of Colorado, Jared S. Polis has signed the “Colorado Digital Token Act” into law


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