Crypto-Italy: Institutions, Politics, Business and Society

Is Italy going “crypto”? Some significant changes have been affecting institutions and politics before today’s 2019 European elections — a survey on the status of the blockchain revolution in the Bel Paese

Montana Passes Bill to Recognize Utility Tokens and Exempt Them From State Securities

The U.S. State of Montana recognized utility tokens and exempted them from state securities by passing a new bill

Maltese Government Awards 19 Blockchain Scholarships Using DLT Fund

The Maltese government has granted 19 blockchain scholarships worth a total of $179,000

SEC Charges California Resident for Alleged $26 Million Crypto Pyramid Scheme

California resident Daniel Pacheco has been accused by the U.S. SEC of allegedly operating a $26 million cryptocurrency pyramid scheme

US Copyright Office Responds to Craig Wright’s Bitcoin Registrations

US Copyright Office Responds to Craig Wright's Bitcoin RegistrationsOn May 21, 2019, a press release was sent to a variety of publications that said Craig Wright was granted two U.S. copyrights for the original Bitcoin white paper and version 0.1 of the cryptocurrency’s code. Meanwhile, the U.S. Copyright Office specifically addressed the matter in a press release which emphasized the agency “does not […]

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Bitfinex and Tether Obtain Stay of Demands From New York Supreme Court

Bitfinex and its affiliated stablecoin issuer Tether have obtained a stay of demands for which they applied on May 21

Central Bank of Russia Expects Crypto Draft Bill to Be Adopted in Spring 2019

Russia’s central bank believes that the draft bill on crypto regulation is prepared enough to be adopted in spring 2019, in accordance with the order of president Vladimir Putin

Central Bank of Laos Issues Warning Against Using Cryptocurrency

Laos’ central bank has warned financial market participants against accepting, buying or selling cryptocurrency

Bitfinex and Tether Move for Case Dismissal Over Lack of Jurisdiction

Bitfinex and Tether lawyers move to dismiss case versus the New York Attorney General, arguing that purported location and subject matter for jurisdiction is wrong

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire: Crypto Space Needs Regulatory Certainty

The CEO of CIrcle, Jeremy Allaire, says that existing law is inadequate in addressing cryptocurrencies


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