Nestlé, Carrefour Work With IBM to Track Mashed Potato Brand With Blockchain

Three-way partnership between Nestlé, Carrefour and IBM Blockchain makes instant mashed potato the latest product to get the blockchain tracking treatment

US Food Retailer Albertsons Uses IBM Food Trust Blockchain to Track Lettuce

Albertsons joins Nestle and Walmart in using IBM’s blockchain-based Food Trust platform

Food Tech Giant Bühler Reveals ‘Blockchain-Ready’ Tools to Combat Salmonella and E. Coli

Two “blockchain-ready” food safety products have been introduced by multinational food technology giant Bühler

Over 130-Year-Old Liquor Company William Grant & Sons to Track Whiskey on Blockchain

Whisky tracked by a blockchain-based system is reportedly about to be released by premium scotch whisky brand Alisa Bay

Taiwanese Development Council to Form Blockchain Alliance in Three Months

According to an announcement made by the National Development Council of Taiwan, the nation will launch a blockchain alliance in three months

US National Pork Board to Pilot Blockchain Tech Following New Partnership

The U.S. National Pork Board and will jointly develop a blockchain-based system to improve the pork industry supply chain

Korean Actor Invests in Blockchain Seafood Trade Startup

South Korean actor and businessman Bae Yong-joon has invested an undisclosed sum in blockchain-based seafood trade startup Seamon.

North American Seafood Firm to Use Blockchain Tech in Supply Chain

North American seafood firm Bumble Bee has launched a blockchain platform for seafood traceability with tech firm SAP

4 of Tokyo’s Hottest Nightclubs to Accept Bitcoin Cash

Four of Tokyo's Hottest Nightclubs Plan to Accept Bitcoin CashJapan is currently the third densest region of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) accepting merchants. In order to keep the adoption ball rolling, this week an avid BCH supporter talked the owners of Tokyo-based luxury lounge Mezzo into accepting BCH at three more popular nightclubs in the Tokyo district. The owners revealed that the Japanese clubs V2, […]

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Retail Giant Carrefour Applies Blockchain for Tracking Milk Product Supply Chain

Carrefour is gradually rolling out its new blockchain-powered product, Carrefour Quality Line micro-filtered full-fat milk


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