Digital Asset Holdings

Digital Asset Holdings Gets Permanent CEO 3 Months After Blythe Masters Leaves

Digital Asset Holdings appoints co-founder as new CEO three months after Blythe Masters’ departure

ASX Reaffirms 2021 DLT Rollout After Blythe Masters Steps Down

The Australian Securities Exchange will continue to work on its DLT-based settlement system despite the departure of of Blythe Masters, the former CEO of its partner Digital Asset.

Blythe Masters, CEO of Blockchain Startup Digital Asset, Is Stepping Down

Digital Assets Holdings CEO Blythe Masters has stepped down from her role, but will remain on as a shareholder, strategic advisor and board member.

Blythe Masters Looks Beyond Finance for Next Wave of Blockchain Growth

The enterprise DLT startup now sees a vast range of opportunities, both within the industry where its founder spent most of her career and outside it.

Enterprises Building Blockchain Confront Early Tech Limitations

Executives working with two of the largest live blockchain implementations spoke on stage at the DTCC's annual fintech event.

Blythe Masters: ASX Blockchain Embrace 'Precedent Setting'

Blythe Masters discusses the potential impact of the ASX decision to implement her company's distributed ledger solution.

Is Blockchain Worth the Trouble? Blythe Masters (and More) Say Yes at Sibos

While blockchain solutions can be expensive, it's a price worth paying to mitigate security weaknesses, says Digital Asset's Blythe Masters.

ASX Calls for Review of Distributed Ledger Settlement Platform

The Australian Securities Exchange wants to know more about the Digital Asset DLT platform, and will commission a third party study to do so.

Bankers Continue to Switch To Crypto As Wild West Days Are Numbered

From former bank CEOs to traders, more and more enter the digital currency market in one form or another. Regulation is seemingly around the corner as the Wild West days are numbered.

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