Napster Creator’s Blockchain Firm Helium Releases IoT Hotspots

Helium launched blockchain-based hotspot devices, designed to comprise a decentralized internet network providing IoT connectivity

Blockchain-Based Arm of Live Planet Acquires Former 20th Century Fox CTO

Decentralized Media Solutions has acquired Hanno Basse, a former executive at Twentieth Century Fox, to bring tech expertise to the blockchain platform

DEX, Explained

How decentralized exchanges conquer the cryptocurrency world and why their main advantages — anonymity and security — don’t grant them an advantage over centralized ones

DOrg LLC Purports to be First Legally Valid DAO Under US Law

DAO collective dOrg created a blockchain-based LLC that purportedly endows its native DAO with legal validity in the United States

Standard Tokenization Protocol Raises $750K in Eight-Second Token Sale

A token sale for Standard Tokenization Protocol raised $750,000 and purportedly sold out within eight seconds

Crypto Company Offers Decentralized Trading and Analytical Engine That Ranks Crypto

A digital assets ecosystem is creating a place for decentralized crypto trading, where users can benefit from secure transactions and AI-driven analytical tools #SPONSORED

Weiss Crypto Ratings Downgrades EOS Due to Centralization Concerns

Because of serious centralization concerns, U.S. financial research firm Weiss Ratings has downgraded its rating of top cryptocurrency EOS

Vast Majority of DApps for Finance Built on Ethereum Blockchain

Ethereum developers are dominating the finance DApp space according to a recent Binance study

Over 100 Staff Now Reportedly Working On Facebook’s Crypto Project

CNBC reveals details on executives for Facebook’s crypto project, says 100 roles in the area have already been filled

The Land of the Free: Why Decentralization Matters in the Crypto Republic

Are you sure the crypto world is free? Some lessons on governance, participation and decentralization from Tezos, Iota and others may prove the opposite


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