Blockchain-Powered Job Marketplace Platform to Migrate 700K User Profiles to Eos

Blockchain-powered freelance marketplace Moonlighting is set to migrate its 700,000 user accounts to Eos developer Block.one’s Eos.io protocol

Report: Tron Has Fastest Growing DApp User Base, Ethereum Still Developers’ First Choice

Ethereum’s DApp user base is shrinking while Tron has the fastest growing DApp user base, according to a recent report

Blockchain Ecosystem Offers $1.5 Million DApp Development Fund, Tech Support and Marketing

A blockchain ecosystem has launched a $1.5 million DApp funding program to encourage developers to build compelling applications on its platform. #SPONSORED

‘Intelligent Trading’: Crypto Platform Offering Intuitive Tools Teams Up With Binance

The company behind a new crypto tool known as “bracket trading” has announced a collaboration with Binance — just a few months after its launch #SPONSORED

Opera Launches Desktop Dapp Browser With Built-In Ethereum Wallet

Opera has launched the desktop version of its new browser with a built-in wallet for ether, ERC-20 tokens and CryptoKitties-style collectibles.

Tron Announces Sun Network May Launch Date, Reveals Key Phases for DApp Chain

The Tron Foundation has unveiled the expansion plan of its second layer scalability solution, the Sun Network, set to increase the capacity of the whole chain

Tron Dapps Saw $1.6 Billion in Volume in Q1 2019, Driven By Gambling

From digital dog racing to a "farm investment game," Tron is finding product-market fit crypto with gambling dapps.

Apple, Amazon Alums Behind Sharding Startup Raise $18 Million

Harmony, a "deep sharding" startup that hopes to one day help you turn your data into income, has raised $18 million in a token presale.

Tron Supports Gambling DApps Restrictions in Japanese Market to Comply With Regulations

Blockchain-based DApp platform Tron wants to comply with Japanese laws by restricting the development of gambling apps in the local market

Research: Ethereum-Based Prediction Market Augur Currently Faces a Design Flaw Attack

A design flaw attack is reportedly ongoing on Ethereum-based prediction market Augur, according to research


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