Hackers Steal $100,000+ Worth of BTC From Engineering Manager at Crypto Custodian BitGo

The engineering manager at cryptocurrency custodian BitGo, Sean Coonce, has fallen victim to a SIM swapping hack with a loss of over $100,000

Crypto Custody Firm Ledger Vault to Provide Services to Crypto Broker Voyager Digital

Canadian cryptocurrency broker Voyager Digital will use the services provided by Ledger Vault, the custody arm of French hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger

Inflation Bug Still a Danger to More Than Half of All Bitcoin Full Nodes

Close to 50,000 bitcoin full nodes are still vulnerable to the inflation bug

Digital Asset Finance Firm BitGo Announces Off-Chain Clearance and Settlement Service

An off-chain clearing and settlement service has been launched by digital asset finance firm BitGo

Bitcoin Stolen in Binance Hack Moved to Seven Addresses

Funds stolen yesterday from cryptocurrency exchange Binance have been moved to seven bitcoin addresses

An Ethereum 2.0 Proof-of-Stake Testnet Blockchain Is Now Live

A testnet for the Ethereum 2.0 Proof-of-Stake beacon blockchain is now live

Cybercriminals Sneak in Crypto Mining Malware via Confluence Software Exploit

Cybercriminals are exploiting a known vulnerability in the software Confluence to mine XMR

DAO Behind DAI Stablecoin MakerDAO Announces Critical Vulnerability in Voting Contract

A critical security update to its governance contract has been announced by MakerDAO, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization behind the DAI stablecoin

Tron Discloses Critical Vulnerability Which Could Have Crashed Its Blockchain

An already-fixed critical vulnerability which could have rendered the TRX blockchain unusable has been disclosed by the Tron Foundation

Research: 60% of All Bitcoin Full-Nodes Are Still Vulnerable to Inflation Bug

More than half of all bitcoin full-nodes are reportedly running software still vulnerable to the inflation bug at press time


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