Report: Malware Targets Israeli Fintech Firms Working in Crypto, Forex Trading

Israeli fintech companies that deal with crypto and forex trading are targeted by malware, a cybersecurity company reports

Report Shows Cryptojacking Is Prime Example of Shift Towards Discreet Cyberattacks

Cybercriminals are reportedly favoring “low and slow” approaches in attacks made for financial gains, and cryptojacking is a prime example of this shift, the report notes

Cryptopia Won’t Resume Trading Until Balances Are Secure, Discord Message Notes

Cryptopia won’t resume activity after receiving police permission to do so, citing need to guarantee exchange security

Bitfinex’s Stolen Funds Partially Recovered and Returned by US Law Enforcement

Over $104,000 stolen from cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex in 2016 have been recovered and returned to the exchange by U.S. law enforcement

LocalBitcoins Resumes Outgoing Transactions After Warnings of Phishing Link on Forum

An unidentified individual or group has reportedly placed a link to a phishing LocalBitcoins clone website on the official LocalBitcoins forum

Ethereum-Based Scam Revenue More Than Doubled in 2018: Report

A recent Chainalysis report reveals that the number of Ethereum-related scams declined in 2018, but that they were more lucrative

International Police Collaboration Leads to Arrest of Suspect in $11 Million IOTA Theft

A 36-year-old individual suspected of the theft of IOTA cryptocurrency worth over $11 million has been arrested following international police collaboration

Total Value of Bitcoin Sent to Darknet Markets Increased by 70% in 2018: Report

The value of Bitcoin sent to darknet markets notably increased by 70% in 2018, says Chainalysis report

Linux-Targeting Cryptojacking Malware Disables Cloud-Based Security Measures: Report

New report reveals a cryptojacking virus targeting Linux servers has the ability to disable cloud-based security measures to avoid detection

Ethereum Classic 51% Attackers Allegedly Returned $100,000 to Crypto Exchange

The cryptocurrency exchange reportedly received $100.000 from the Ethereum Classic 51 percent attacker


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