US Blockchain Investor Terpin Awarded Over $75 Million in SIM Swapping Case

Crypto industry figure Michael Terpin wins almost $76 million in a civil case involving SIM swapping

Top 5 Ways to get Hacked in 2019

TheMerkle LiteBit HackedIn this modern era of technology and growing social media activity, it is only normal hacking remains an overarching problem. In fact, the more common ways of getting hacked have become slightly more sophisticated, which usually spells trouble for potential victims. Weak Passwords Need to go Albeit it has been touched upon dozens of times already, the main reason why people get hacked is due to their own password practices. When reusing passwords – which are often easy to guess by default – consumers and corporations almost invite hackers to try and do their worst. It is good to see

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German Police Seize Six Figures in Crypto From Suspects Involved in Dark Web Site

The German police, along with Europol, have taken down servers of the Wall Street dark web marketplace, with six figures in crypto seized

Consumer-Targeted Cryptojacking Is ‘Essentially Extinct’: Research

After in-browser mining service Coinhive was shut down in early March, cryptojacking against consumers has sharply decreased, according to a new report

Microsoft Korea: Country Faces Growing Threat From Stealth Crypto Mining Attacks

Microsoft Korea has said the country is facing an increase in crytojacking incidents, in which attackers use a targeted computer’s processing power to mine crypto by stealth

Man Accused of Stealing Over $9 Million Worth of Dash Indicted in Israel

After having allegedly stolen 74.990.74 Dash (over $9 million) from his roommate, Afek Zard has seen an indictment being filed against him in Israel

Android Malware Targets Users of 32 Crypto Apps, Including Coinbase, BitPay

New strain of Trojan malware for Android phones is targeting global users of top crypto and bank apps

Report: Malware Targets Israeli Fintech Firms Working in Crypto, Forex Trading

Israeli fintech companies that deal with crypto and forex trading are targeted by malware, a cybersecurity company reports

Report Shows Cryptojacking Is Prime Example of Shift Towards Discreet Cyberattacks

Cybercriminals are reportedly favoring “low and slow” approaches in attacks made for financial gains, and cryptojacking is a prime example of this shift, the report notes

Cryptopia Won’t Resume Trading Until Balances Are Secure, Discord Message Notes

Cryptopia won’t resume activity after receiving police permission to do so, citing need to guarantee exchange security


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