Founder of Former ConsenSys-Backed Startup Sues Joseph Lubin for $13M

The founder of Token Foundry is seeking to collect over $13 million in perceived damages from Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin

Token Startup Founder Took Steps to Sue Lubin, ConsenSys for $13 Million

The former head of a ConsenSys-incubated startup filed paperwork to sue the venture studio and its founder, Joe Lubin.

WATCH: Former ConsenSys Fintech Lead Says Facebook Will Rule Crypto Payments

Juan Llanos sees Facebook's rise in the payments space as nearly inevitable. So how can startups compete? He has some ideas.

ConsenSys May Finally Fix Its ‘Chaotic’ Employee Equity Situation

ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin is responding to employee complaints about how shares in the ethereum venture studio are doled out, sources say.

Singapore’s Stock Exchange Backs New Ethereum Security Token Platform

A new security token platform has launched with backing from Singapore stock exchange SGX and technical help from ConsenSys.

Ethereum Leaders Are Slowly Courting Persian Gulf Royals and Investors

The Ethereum Foundation and ConsenSys are both working to bring blockchain technology to the Middle East.

South Korea's Largest Telecom SK Group Invests $10M in ConsenSys

SK Group, South Korea's largest telecom and the third top conglomerate, invested $10 million in blockchain firm ConsenSys

Oxfam Trials Aid Distribution With DAI, Future Use 'Highly Likely'

A pilot program saw Oxfam distribute financial aid in the form of tap-and-pay cards developed for Sempo’s payment platform that were loaded with DAI to 200 citizens of Vanuatu to test the efficacy of blockchain-based disaster relief solutions

ConsenSys Spin-Out 3Box Raises $2.5 Million to Build ID Tools for Dapp Devs

ID startup 3Box is spinning out of ethereum incubator ConsenSys with $2.5 million in new funding.

Oxfam Partners With Tech Firms to Test Dai’s Use in Disaster Aid

A new partnership between Oxfam, ConsenSys and Sempo is testing Dai in Vanuatu, the most natural disaster-prone country on earth


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