Russian Hackers May Have Carried Out Largest Ever Crypto Exchange Theft

Russian hackers, not North Korean, may be the bad actors behind probably the biggest ever theft from a cryptocurrency exchange.

Report: Record-Breaking Coincheck Hack Perpetrated by Virus Tied to Russian Hackers

The personal computers of employees at hacked crypto exchange Coincheck have allegedly be found to have been infected by a virus associated with Russian hackers

Japan Hopes to Set Global Crypto Law Benchmark With Latest Regulatory Update

Coincheck voices its concern over new crypto laws in Japan, while other exchanges claim to be excited as they await for the arrival of institutional investors

Biggest Heists in Bitcoin History and How They Were Pulled Off

Biggest Heists in Bitcoin History and How They Were Pulled OffBitcoin’s history is rife with hacks and heists, sometimes resulting in six-figure bitcoin losses and businesses going bankrupt, unable to pay their customers back. A new video by explores the largest bitcoin heists in history and explains how each one was pulled off. Also read: How to Earn Bitcoin Cash Income Lucrative Crime With […]

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Japan: Crypto Exchanges See Threefold Increase in New Accounts Since March

Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges have seen new account openings increase up to 200% in the past two months

Major Crypto Exchange in Korea Shut Down in April: 2018 Was a Nightmare for Most

The shut down of a major crypto exchange in South Korea in April showed the impact a prolonged bear market could have on crypto businesses. 4 of South Korea’s top 5 exchanges recorded big net losses

Monex Reveals July Start Date for US Exchange as Coincheck Reports $15 Mln Loss in 2018

Japanese online broker Monex Group is planning to start trading in their United States cryptocurrency exchange in July

Coincheck Owner Mulls Addition of Crypto to Its Retail Offerings

Japanese brokerage and Coincheck owner Monex Group Inc is considering adding crypto to its retail client offerings in a bid to become more competitive in the local market

Coincheck Exchange Adds Ethereum And Ripple to Its New Over-the-Counter Trading Desk

Coincheck turns Bitcoin OTC trading desk into altcoin desk with two new additions

Coincheck Launches OTC Trading Service for Bitcoin

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has launched an over-the-counter bitcoin trading service aimed at clients with deep pockets.


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