Central Bank

Bank of Thailand Is Open to Discuss Libra, Concerned Over Security

Bank of Thailand governor Veerathai Santiprabhob said that the institution is open to discussing Facebook’s Libra stablecoin with the company

European Central Bank Policymaker Says Stablecoins Not Cause for Alarm

ECB’s governing council Jens Weidmann says that while stablecoins offer opportunities for prosperity, users should be vigilant

Bundesbank Head Says Don’t Suppress ‘Innovative Concepts’ Like Libra

Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann spoke in favor of Facebook’s Libra during a recent G7 event, a report says

Bank of England Governor on Libra as a Solution to Financial Problems

Mark Carney says Libra is aiming to fix issues that need to be addressed, even if Libra proves not to be the solution

Iran Plans to Allow Crypto Mining, Central Bank of Iran Governor Says

The Iranian government plans to authorize crypto mining as the state has approved parts of an executive law, CBI governor says: report

German Central Bank: Cryptos Are Not a Threat to Financial Stability

Cryptocurrencies do not pose a threat to financial stability, according to representative for Germany’s central bank, Burkhard Balz

CBDCs Hold No Interest Without Full Anonymity: Banxico Deputy Governor

Central bank digital currencies will not hold the public’s interest unless they provide full anonymity, according to the deputy governor of Mexico's central bank

Turkey Puts Central Bank Digital Currency on New Economic Roadmap

The Turkish government has included a blockchain-based central bank digital currency as a target in its 2019–2023 economic roadmap

‘PayPal is F*cked’: BitMEX CEO Says Facebook Libra Will Make Banks ‘Dumb Nodes’

PayPal is a dead end, says BitMEX’s Arthur Hayes

EU Central Bank Won’t Add Bitcoin to Reserves — Says It’s Not a Currency

European Central Bank’s latest bitcoin-isn’t-money soundbite fails to win favor with Twitter followers


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