Bitcoin Regulation

Winklevoss Capital Partner Sterling Witzke: Dollar Is Not Designed for the Internet, but Stablecoins Are

Sterling Witzke, a Winklevoss Capital partner, speaks about the future of stablecoins, regulatory clarity in U.S. and a fair price for Bitcoin in an interview with Cointelegraph

US SEC Solicits Feedback on Crypto Assets and Custody Rules

The US SEC is soliciting industry input as it potentially reconsiders existing custody rules for investment advisers in certain cases of crypto trading and settlement

Japan Introduces New Regulations for Cryptocurrency Margin Trading

Japanese financial regulators have reportedly introduced new regulations for cryptocurrency margin trading

SEC’s Senior Advisor for Digital Assets Valerie Szczepanik: Stablecoins May Be Securities

Some stablecoins reportedly could raise problems under securities laws, according to senior advisor for digital assets at U.S. SEC Valerie Szczepanik

SEC’s Finhub to Host Public Forum on Blockchain, Digital Assets in May

The U.S. SEC to host public forum on blockchain and digital assets in May

SEC Chairman Highlights Investor Protection in Regard to Bitcoin ETF

U.S. SEC Chairman Jay Clayton shared his concerns over the potential for manipulation vis-a-vis a Bitcoin ETF

German Bank Association: New Regulation for DLT-Based Securities May Be Necessary

The emergence of DLT-based securities may create the need for new regulation, according to a German private banking association

Growth of Crypto Industry Could Threaten Banks, Financial Stability: Basel Committee

BIS-backed global banking authority the Basel Committee has issued a sceptical statement on crypto assets, saying they’re “unsafe to rely on” as money

Russia Adopts Digital Rights Law That ‘Forms the Basis’ of Digital Economy Development

This autumn will see Russia adopt digital rights law after the country’s parliament passed the legislation this week

Report: Thai SEC Approves Country’s First ICO Portal

The Thai SEC has licensed the first ICO portal to operate legally in the country


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