Monero Developers Consider Adopting New Proof-of-Work Algorithm in October

In October, privacy-centric cryptocurrency monero will reportedly switch to a new proof-of-work algorithm

Ethereum Core Devs: Funding for ProgPoW 3rd-Party Audit Approved

A third-party audit of the ASIC-resistant PoW algorithm ProgPoW has been funded, Ethereum devs announce

Report: Chinese Publicly Listed Construction Company Turned Mining Firm Lost Over $23 Million

Over 90% percent of the value of a Chinese publicly listed construction company turned to cryptocurrency mining, Huatie, has been lost before the company has been sold

Zcash Exercises Restraint as the Antminer Z11 Release Approaches

While many project leaders are concerned about Bitmain’s monopoly and have upgraded their networks to make them ASIC-resistant, the position of Zcash remains ambivalent after the new Antminer Z11 release

‘Free’ Money: How Students Mine Cryptocurrency in Their Dorm Rooms

Students mine crypto in their dorm rooms with “free” electricity — some simply earn their beer money, some build mining empires.

Grin Cryptocurrency to Vote on Change to Hard Fork Roadmap

Grin developers are discussing potential changes to the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency's hard fork roadmap.

Expert: Renewable Energy Not Enough for Bitcoin's Sustainability Problem

A study from a PwC blockchain expert states that renewable energy is insufficient in addressing Bitcoin’s sustainability problem

As ProgPoW Aimed at Stopping ASIC Mining Gets Supporting Votes, New Conspiracies and Debates Appear

As ASIC-resistant ProgPoW gets the users support, more questions appear on whether the algorithm introduction will protect the Ethereum network from centralization

Monero Protocol Upgrade Thwarts all Current ASIC Mining Attempts

TheMerkle Darknet Dream market Monero XMRAny finance-oriented industry will need to undergo constant development, changes, and face new competitors. In the cryptocurrency world, that situation is no different, although things are done a bit differently. Monero, one of the more popular altcoins, has undergone another major fork, which makes the project further ASIC-resistant and privacy-oriented.  The trade-off is how its network hashrate has dropped off significantly in the process. The Latest Monero Fork is Successful When it comes to upgrading the core protocol of any cryptocurrency, a hard fork is usually the best way to go. Bitcoin has seen its fair share of upgrades over

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Crypto Winter Survivor: Inside Nvidia’s Difficult Relationship With Mining

The bear market was particularly hard on Nvidia and its GPUs, but the company still reported full-year revenue gains in 2018. How dependent is it on the crypto market?


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