Cryptocurrency Grin Follows Through With Anticipated July 17 Mainnet Hardfork

Grin has completed its first hardfork as scheduled, with the stated aim of continuing to prevent ASIC mining as well as sporting some Grin wallet upgrades

PR: Announces Mining Partnership With Bit Mining Announces Mining Partnership With Bit and Bit Mining are excited to announce a business partnership focusing on BCH and BTC mining.A New BeginningThis joint endeavor is between, a company dedicated to spreading BCH and BTC adoption, and Bit Mining, a blockchain ecosystem builder with large mining farms spread across the globe. As an official partner, Bit Mining will redirect its own hashpower to's mining pool to help spread the adoption of cyptocurrencies.

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Inside Monero’s ‘Last Ditch Effort’ to Block Crypto Mining ASICs

The Monero community is making one last attempt to block specialized mining hardware devices from the network.

Study: Over 74% of Bitcoin Mining is Powered by Renewable Energy

Bitcoin mining’s energy mix is 74.1% renewable energy, according to cryptocurrency investment products and research firm CoinShares

Privacy-Centric Coin Grin Sets Mid-July Target Date for First-Ever Hard Fork

Privacy-centric cryptocurrency Grin is finalizing its timeline for its first-ever network hard fork, which will include a tweak to ensure ASIC resistance and new wallet upgrades

Examining Australia's Updated Regulations for ICOs and Crypto Trading

Australian regulator has made yet another update to its guidelines for ICOs and cryptocurrency trading, which impacts industry advisers and miners

Australian Securities Watchdog Updates Guidance on ICOs and Crypto Assets

ASIC, the Australian securities regulator, has updated its guidance for businesses involved with initial coin offerings and crypto assets.

Australian Securities Regulator Releases Cryptocurrency, Mining, ICO Guidelines

New initial coin offering and cryptocurrency guidelines have been released by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission

Monero Developers Consider Adopting New Proof-of-Work Algorithm in October

In October, privacy-centric cryptocurrency monero will reportedly switch to a new proof-of-work algorithm

Ethereum Core Devs: Funding for ProgPoW 3rd-Party Audit Approved

A third-party audit of the ASIC-resistant PoW algorithm ProgPoW has been funded, Ethereum devs announce


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