Expert: Renewable Energy Not Enough for Bitcoin's Sustainability Problem

A study from a PwC blockchain expert states that renewable energy is insufficient in addressing Bitcoin’s sustainability problem

As ProgPoW Aimed at Stopping ASIC Mining Gets Supporting Votes, New Conspiracies and Debates Appear

As ASIC-resistant ProgPoW gets the users support, more questions appear on whether the algorithm introduction will protect the Ethereum network from centralization

Monero Protocol Upgrade Thwarts all Current ASIC Mining Attempts

TheMerkle Darknet Dream market Monero XMRAny finance-oriented industry will need to undergo constant development, changes, and face new competitors. In the cryptocurrency world, that situation is no different, although things are done a bit differently. Monero, one of the more popular altcoins, has undergone another major fork, which makes the project further ASIC-resistant and privacy-oriented.  The trade-off is how its network hashrate has dropped off significantly in the process. The Latest Monero Fork is Successful When it comes to upgrading the core protocol of any cryptocurrency, a hard fork is usually the best way to go. Bitcoin has seen its fair share of upgrades over

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Crypto Winter Survivor: Inside Nvidia’s Difficult Relationship With Mining

The bear market was particularly hard on Nvidia and its GPUs, but the company still reported full-year revenue gains in 2018. How dependent is it on the crypto market?

Bitmain Announces Energy-Efficient ASIC Chip for Mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Chinese mining giant Bitmain has announced its new 7nm ASIC chip, which reportedly enables faster and cheaper mining of BTC and BCH

Majority of Voters Support ASIC-Resistant ETH Algorithm Implementation, Online Vote Shows

Over three times more Ethereum is held by voters in favor of the ProgPoW implementation than those who voted against it at press time, according to an informal vote

Australian Banks Fraudulently Collected Fees From Deceased Customers

Australia's Banking Sector inquiry Reveals Massive Cheating as Banks Collect Fees for Dead CustomersA national inquiry into the misconduct of Australia’s banking sector has revealed profit-driven malpractice that has shattered customer trust. Some of the country’s largest banks were found guilty of making families homeless and charging fees for non-existent services, sometimes to dead customers. They also caused clients to lose hundreds of millions of dollars through misleading […]

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Ethereum Devs Delay ASIC-Resistant PoW Algorithm Decision Until Third-Party Audit

In a recent meeting, Ethereum core devs decided to delay the implementation of ASIC-resistant algorithm ProgPoW, pending a third-party audit

Chip Making Giant TSMC Reports Significant Drop in Crypto Mining Revenue

Bitmain’s ASIC manufacturer TSMC reports a sizeable drop in its crypto mining-related revenue in 2018

Mining Giant Bitmain Reportedly Suspends Mining Operations in Texas

Bitmain, a China-based leading mining and mining ASIC hardware producer, has reportedly suspended its mining operations in Rockdale


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