Report: Facebook Secures Support From Dozens of New Firms for Its Crypto Project

Facebook’s crypto project has reportedly secured support from dozens of stakeholders in.various industries, including telecommunications, e-commerce, and media

Iceland’s Financial Regulator Approves Blockchain-Powered E-Money Firm

Financial Supervisory Authority, the single financial regulator in Iceland, has approved the first DLT-based electronic money firm Monerium

Austrian Steel Alukönigstahl Develops Blockchain-Based Steel Trading Database

Alukönigstahl CEO Stefan Grüll is working on the business model for a blockchain-based steel trading database dubbed “STEEL but SMART”

Facebook’s Crypto Project Will Be A Milestone According to RBC

Investment bank RBC Capital Markets believes that Facebook’s upcoming crypto project will be “one of the most important initiatives in the history of the company”

Brazil Authorities to Adapt Cross-Sector Regulations to React to Digital Transformation

Brazilian regulators will create a cross-sector regulatory sandbox to respond to digital transformations powered by new technologies such as DLT

Community First: One Protocol’s Plan to Give Users a Seat at the Governance Table

A mobile payment protocol says council nodes will be “essential to the performance and security” of its blockchain #SPONSORED

Microsoft to Collaborate With Icertis in Enhancing Blockchain-Based Contractual Offering

Global tech giant Microsoft will collaborate with Icertis to enhance its blockchain-based contractual offering, the Icertis Blockchain Framework

Venezuela Issues 50,000 Bolivar Bill Amid Persistent Hyperinflation

Venezuela Issues 50,000 Bolivar Bill Amid Persistent HyperinflationVenezuelans are used to their currency costing less than the paper it’s printed on. Economic misfortunes and political upheaval place their country at the bottom of all inflation charts, year after year. The latest incarnation of the national fiat, Bolívar Soberano, has succumbed to the illness of all previous emissions – rapid depreciation. The government […]

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WSJ: Facebook Crypto Project Seals $10M Investment Each From Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Uber

Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Uber and others have allegedly each invested around $10 million in a governance consortium for Facebook’s forthcoming cryptocurrency

Rhode Island Solicits Proposals for Blockchain Solutions in Government

The Rhode Island state government is seeking proofs-of-concept proposals for blockchain tech in state government


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